Thursday, January 5, 2012

Skinny Girl Bucket List

Well I have officially decided that I am going to make a blog for my Skinny Girl Bucket List

This bucket list is basically all of the things that I wasn't able to do because of my weight! 

1) Buy a plaid top
Completed: 1/4/11

2) Buy a leather jacket
Completed: 1/4/11

3)Ride almost every single ride at Disneyland

4) Go on a cruise

5) Wear a two piece swim suit without having to worry about how my body looks in it!

5) Ride on an airplane without having to ask for an extender belt

6) Surprise a family member with my weight loss

7) Buy regular sized clothes instead of plus size

8) Swim with Dolphins

9) Go skydiving

10) Meet a certain famous person, still can't say yet who it is :D

11) Run a 5K race (Race for the Cure, May 2012)

12) Take a new family photo with my family without being fat

13) Go water tubing

14) Go to Sunsplash or another water park and be proud of the body I'm in!

15) go horseback riding on the beach (without worrying about hurting the horse)

16) Cross my legs while sitting down and not be in pain

17) To not worry about taking a road trip with friends and worrying about having to squish everyone beside me in the backseat

18) Go on a zipline

19) To Paint my toenails easily without being out of breath trying to reach for my toes

20) to put on shoes without having to pull my leg up with my hands

21) To feel comfortable about other people taking my pictures

22) Go to a restaurant and not having to worry if I'm going to fit in the booth or not

23) Play in a sports game with friends or a game with the college group and not worry about looking bad when i run or play.

24) Buy a Wii Fit and actually be able to use it! (Recently I have been too heavy for me to play on it)

25) Go Snowboarding or Skiing 

26) Go Ice Skating

27) Learn to belly dance

28) Ride a mechanical bull

29) Go jet skiing and be able to get back up on the jet ski if I fall off

30) drive an ATV

31) Go kart racing

32) Trip to six flags

33) workout at the gym without having to worry about how fat I look

34) Get married

35) Start a family of our own

36) Professional photo shoot for new pictures of the new me and my new life!

37) Go mud sliding!! (I am totally serious about this!) :D

38) Go on a trip with friends and not have to worry about taking too much bed space or my snoring. (I've only snored since I really gained weight)

39) Wear the shoes I've always wanted to wear especially high heels (never been able to because of how heavy I was)