Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Train like a beast. Look like a Beauty!

I officially have two new sayings. Train like a beast/ look like a beauty! My other one is WIP. WIP means Work in Progress! It's so true because I am a work in progress daily!! I haven't posted a blog on here for almost a year.. and to be honest that makes me a little sad because I used to love blogging so much! I really truly want to get back into the habit of it!

So here I am and I am turning a new leaf! I am a caterpillar that is officially finally going into her cocoon! I feel like a broken record for how many times I have talked about me losing weight. Well at least I keep getting back up on the horse and try, try again. 

This time is different for me. One of my awesome friends Stashia had found a trainer through her friend Jenni and told me about her. The funny part is, that trainer lives literally right around the corner from me! My trainers names are Jamie and Josh. They are an amazing married couple that literally transforms peoples lives! The Dungeon is seriously a place where you can go and you won't be judged for how you look or any of that kind of stuff! They just got a new place for their training and they are having everyone write their names, dates they started on, and what progress they have made. It gives me the chills when I look at everyone's progress. I am so thankful for the Dungeon because it literally has sparked that flame that I need in order to keep going when I get knocked down.

Let me tell you about some amazing women that I have come to know in the Dungeon. There is Jenni, Vanessa, Tara, Chanel, and Ally. There are a lot of other people that I have met but these ladies are the ones that I have worked out with the most and that really inspire me. 
All of them are absolutely amazing! When they are in the dungeon they are like a girl with her eye on the prize! 
Jenni is looking absolutely amazing! You can tell a great difference from her before picture! I just love the fact that she always has a smile on her face and even though she may break down sometimes because it is too hard, she always returns to finish it! That is determination right there!
Vanessa is looking really amazing too!! I am so glad that I met her because she is really encouraging and she also always has a smile on her face! I am so proud of her for the amazing progress that she has made! I can't wait to see more results from her!!
I've only been able to workout with Chanel a couple of times but she is awesome up in the Dungeon! She is also a very determined person and she also inspires me a lot!

I just met Ally a couple workouts ago and I am so glad that I met her. Ally is Josh's sister and because of that fact Josh is really hard on her with her workouts! She seriously is a beast when she works out because she does everything that he tells her to do! I would die if I had to do everything that he has her do! She has gotten some freaking amazing results though! She dropped I believe 5 pant sizes in 5 weeks! When I saw that my jaw literally dropped! It definitely shows you that hard work pays off!
Last and definitely not least is Tara! This girl seriously makes my jaw drop for how determined she is! It gives me chills just thinking about it! She was in the dungeon for 2 and a half hours last night! That means heart rate up the whole time and sweating!! It's just crazy! She has been with Jamie for 5 months and she has shrunk over 70 inches!! How amazing is that!? When I look at Tara, or any of the other people in the gym, it gives me faith that I can do it too!

I am so beyond grateful for the Dungeon family! It is a huge blessing! 

You will be seeing more postings from me in the near future! and with progress pictures too!! Hope all of you have an amazing and beautiful day!!