Friday, October 28, 2011

Who gets to see Footloose finally? THIS GIRL!

WOW! I am so stoked! I still can't believe it myself! I have some very exciting news!! 
I am officially DOWN 30.6 POUNDS!

How AWESOME is that? This is the most weight I have ever slimmed down! 

Here are some before and after's :))

I seriously can't believe my eyes! I mean 30.6 does a wonder on the body! 

84.4 LBS to go until Convention!! Woo Hoo!

Well I have to go get ready for the day! Today is going to be AMAZING!! Please feel free to comment :) It would be much appreciated! hehe

My name is Kirstin and I AM MONAVIE!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

One more pound. One more pound. One more pound!

In my head all I can keep thinking is.. one more pound, one more pound, one more pound! That one pound is that one thing that is between me and seeing footloose! I am going to workout extra today just to help make that mark!

So the other day I went into my mom's office to talk with her and I saw an old picture on her desk of us. I seriously could not stop staring at this photo for hours! I pretty much found a "skinny" picture of me. I mean I still had some chub on me but I am actually "thin" in this picture!

I still can't believe it when I look at it! haha. Wow I just seriously just sat here for two minutes staring at it again. 

Well I am almost at a milestone! 30 lbs is a BIG number!

Sorry this blog is so short but I gotta go do some work :)

I hope all of you have an awesome day!.. Remember SMILE :D

My name is Kirstin and I AM MONAVIE!

Friday, October 21, 2011

1 Big Step Closer to Footloose!


I am completely speechless right now! I hopped on the scale this morning and I slimmed down 3.2 pounds in one day!!

I am officially at 28.2 pounds!!

Honestly I have no idea what to say right now! I have a million words running in my head but I can't type any down! haha. I love being speechless lol.

All I can say is I am so grateful to be at this new weight and it's all because of God and RVL. I am finally becoming the person I have always dreamed of being and nothing can replace that! 

My awesome brother Matthew made this picture for me. Yes it is kind of funny looking at first but I really like it! One day I will look like that, just a little more buff haha. 

Well I have to get my day started now!
My Mom and James are off on their anniversary weekend/ James's high school reunion! I hope they have a great time!
Now I have to take my brother to school :)

I hope all of you have an AMAZING day!! I know I am!

My name is Kirstin and I AM MONAVIE!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Struggles of Weight Loss

Many people struggle with weight loss as you may know. I have been one of those people for the past couple weeks hence why I haven't been posting. I would get almost back to a weight that I could post and then for some reason I just started eating more again and then it would take me a week to get back and so on and so forth.  BUT I am like Muhammed Ali! I am back in the fighter ring and I am prepared to give a KO! I gained about 8 lbs in the first week then I went back on the system it only took me a couple days to get back to my 27.5 lbs down. Then the 2nd week the same thing happened I gained about 8 pounds and then it only took me a couple days to get back to the 27.5! That is the greatest thing about RVL! 

As of right now I am almost back to a place where I can post my new weight "loss" number! Which I will most likely be able to post it tomorrow! So excited! I know that the last time I posted was saying 26.8 but the new number is 27.5! Which I am so excited to get back to and then pass it with flying colors because at 30 lbs down my awesome dad is taking me to see.... drumroll please!

FOOTLOOSE!!! I am SO excited!! I can't wait to see it :) I still need to watch the original first though :)

Well I am really blessed and grateful that I have RVL to shed those many unwanted pounds but also to have something to fall back on when I have a couple hiccups! It's time to change some lives!! Wanna take a big step? Then ask me for a sample pack! FOR FREE! Try this amazing product that could help you get your life back! Well I gotta go get ready for work, with a great big smile on my face of course! Always remember to smile! It could make someone's day that really needed it :D 

I hope all of you have an amazing day! Please leave a comment for some feedback if you don't mind :))

My name is Kirstin and I AM MONAVIE!